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This blog is dedicated to exploring the best knives in the world, from high-end chef's blades to restaurant-quality dining knives, outdoor knives and functional, reliable blades for industry.

For many, a knife is a simple tool. At Knife Life, we aim to share our love of great knives and show that they're more than just pieces of sharp metal we use every day.
Chefs have favourite knives that help them create culinary treats. To a traditional blade maker, forging a blade may be an ancient craft passed down through generations. The bushwalker's folding knife is a handy tool for many tasks. Top restaurants often have the finest knives on display as a mark of excellence. In the home, we have knives for many purposes, from food preparation to dining. Without knives, fishers, meat workers and vegetable pickers wouldn't be able to provide the food we consume each day.

 To those in the know, the knife is a prized possession; and art form; a tool of the trade; a beautiful piece for their table décor; a gift for a loved one.

Did you know that Knife-like tools were used at least two-and-a-half million years ago? According to Wikipedia. Originally made of rock, bone, flint, and obsidian, knives have evolved in construction as technology has, with blades being made from bronze, copper, iron, steel, ceramics, and titanium. Many cultures have their unique version of the knife.

Knife Life will show the difference between a good and a great knife. We'll explain how to choose the right knife for the right purpose, and how to look after it.
And we'll bring an Australian perspective to the must-have accessories and the nice-to-have extras that can make owning and caring for your knife more enjoyable.

We're keen to read your comments - and if there's a topic you'd like us to explore please let us know.

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