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How to Choose the Best Pocket Knife?

How to Choose the Best Pocket Knife?

Pocket knives come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials and with various locking mechanisms and features. However, their ultimate purpose remains the same: to provide a portable solution to the cutting needs of anyone ‘on the go’. Whether dressed up or toned down, high-tech or workmanlike, the pocket knife has been around for hundreds of years.


The Helle Skåla folding knife, for instance, is an all-purpose pocket knife featuring a cocobolo wooden handle and hidden steel liners for additional strength. The blade is Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel and measures larger than many other folding knives. The Skåla knife is designed to be used rather than just carried, and the materials intended to maintain their strength and sharpness through years of use in the outdoors. Routine maintenance of the wooden handle and treating the blade with grease are all that should be necessary to keep the knife in top shape. Occasional wet sharpening with a diamond tool or wet stone will maintain the razor-sharp edge on the Skåla blade.

Helle  - Skåla



Similarly, the Taylor’s Eye Witness Stockman’s Knife comes complete with tweezers, pick, and a second or even a third blade. It has been in use by stockmen in Australia’s outback for decades and is suitable for every task on a working cattle or sheep station. The main blade length is a hefty 8.2 cm. Each Taylor’s Eye Witness blade is made in Sheffield, England and comes with a lifetime guarantee, provided it is used for the purpose for which it was intended. It looks elegant but is ready to work for a lifetime.

Taylor’s Eye Witness Stockman’s Knife



Claude Dozorme  ‘Thiers Liner-Lock’ pocket knives are useful but also seen as ‘objects d’arte’, due to their individual design and unusual dressing materials. They may mimic French historical styles or be inlaid with genuine Swarovski® crystals, for instance.  The Dozorme Liner Knife is an amazingly flat and light knife that slips into a wallet or shirt pocket and has a money-clip on the back.

Thiers Liner-lock by Claude Dozorme 


Maserin pocket knives are made in Maniago, Italy, and there is a great variety in the sizes, styles and materials used. The 125, available with a cocobolo or an olive wood handle, is the ‘perfect’ all-purpose pocket knife, with a smooth opening and closing mechanism. The slightly larger knives come with a variety of handles including stag and some are engraved with a deer or hare.

Consoli by Maserin

The ‘top of the range’ Maserin, the Consoli, is simply exquisite with a worked back and a highly individual smooth closing mechanism. But for uniqueness, the Trigger line is the standout. The body of the knife is bead-blasted titanium knife and the knife is unlocked by depressing a lever with your thumb.

Trigger by Maserin

Maserin also make knives for the Italian Police special EOD bomb disposal corps, including the Raptor.

Raptor by Maserin

At the other end of the Maserin spectrum, the Wind knife is of ultra-light construction thanks to modern design and the utilization of new ideas for the locking mechanism. The solid steel body uses a frame lock mechanism, which does not disengage from the liner itself but uses an additional spring in the opposite liner to release the blade. The entire Wind knife is crafted from titanium and measures only 3 ¼” when folded.  The opening pivot can be adjusted with the included wrench, thanks to Teflon bushings within the pivot joint. Overall, the Wind is corrosion and maintenance-free. Weighing a mere 1.8 ounces, it will fit comfortably in a purse or pocket and last a lifetime.

Wing by Maserin



The Opinel Traditional Pocket Knife is the timeless classic folding knife used for generations while hunting, camping and on outdoor adventures of all kinds. Though most Opinels have a beech handle, it also comes with many different handles – olive, walnut, ebony, bubinga, even horn and coloured stained wood. Originally the blade was of carbon steel, and this is still very popular with traditionalists, however, the blade is sensitive to rust, so careful maintenance is required.  The stainless steel blade of top quality modified Sanvik C12 27, is ideal for trekking, fishing and backyard picnics. It is easy to sharpen and holds a magnificent cutting edge.

Opinel folding knife range

Opinel makes many models of folding knives. The 10 cm stainless steel blade on the Opinel N°12 Explore design pairs with a fiberglass-reinforced polyamide handle for extremely long life. The stainless steel blade incorporates chrome and at least 0.40% carbon, to reduce maintenance and give the blade an impressive cutting edge. The handle material withstands extreme temperatures, humidity, and shocks. It also holds a survival whistle which functions at 110 decibels in all weather. Like all Opinel knives, the Explore comes with the patented Virobloc safety ring. The safety ring (or locking collar) is twisted to keep the blade locked open during use and twisted back to lock the blade shut when not in use or during travel.

Explorer by Opinel

Here is a great video that shows the special features of the knives mentioned in this post - Best Pocket Knives Review

Just as the uses for pocket and folding knives differ, so to do the blades in their features and benefits. Knife connoisseurs and collectors value some knives for their individuality and manufacturing quality, where as other knives are desirable for their rugged craftsmanship or specialty functions. The handle may be made of exotic woods or natural materials, including mother-of-pearl or fossilized mammoth tooth, or deer antler or it may include inlays of Swarovski® crystals, fishing flies, feathers or other objects of beauty. These handles make the knives exquisitely valuable to pocket knife collectors and enthusiasts everywhere. The opening and closing mechanism also vary greatly.

Consider the uses of the knife you need before making your purchase, to ensure a long and happy lifetime with the pocket knife of your choice.


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