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Opinel Art Series

Opinel Art Series


Opinel Art Series

Designer and artist collaborations have been very much a trend for global brands in recent times. Opinel, the knife brand known for its award winning, museum-worthy design aesthetic, invited three artists from three different nations to turn the iconic NO.8 knife handle into a work of art for the “France” Art Series. The artists had their own personal vision of France playing with codes and clichés, transmitting humor and emotions. 


Each knife is presented in a box that has also been designed by the artist. 

About the Artists:



“To me France means love, that’s why I imagined two lovers in a café in Paris. Maybe my Opinel N0.8 will be used by them to write their name on a tree…”


ALE GIORGINI was born in Voghera, northern Italy, began drawing when he was a kid and he never stopped. Presently, he works as an illustrator, working and collaborating with several big names and clients including Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Puma, Jeep, Faber-Castell, Emirates, Armani, Kinder, Fandago, Disney, Sony, Foot Locker, MTV and publishing in newspapers and magazines such as Hollywood Reporter, The Boston Globe and L’Esperesso.


Giordini lives in Vicenza (Italy), and exhibits all over the world, including: Sydney, New York, Paris, Zurich, Wien, San Francisco, Los Angles, Manchester, Melbourne, Portland. He was selected to be part of 58th Society of Illustrators in New York (2016) and has been nominated for the Boscarato Prize at TBCF (2016). He is director of Illustri Festival, an event of illustration, and he is teacher at IED, International Comic School in Padua in Turin and European Design Institute. He also founded Magnifico, an illustration agency.  

Ale Girodini Art.png



“It seemed perfect to use this image for such a great French brand like Opinel… a timeless message for a timeless brand. I first painted this image of the tricolor family, out on the streets of Paris on the invitation of Sarah from Colette, at the time of the terrorist attack in Nice. This was my spontaneous message to the people of France. I only take a few essentials on my travels: a sketchbook, lots of pens and pencils, a camera, and my Opinel knife that I use sometimes to sharpen my colored pencils. I think Opinel is like that too: simple, poetic, and timeless. So the project was a perfect fit for me.”


JEREMYVILLE is a Brooklyn, New York based artist, author and product designer, with an architecture degree from Sydney University. His art is uncomplicated, thought-provoking messages told in an instantly recognizable style. He has exhibited at the La Casa Encandida Museum Madrid, Andy Warhol Museum, 798 Art District in Beijing, Colette in Paris, The Madre Museum, Bunkamura Gallery in Shibuya Tokyo, The Museum of Art and Design New York, and the Cooper Hewitt. Studio Jeremyville has collaborated projects with Converse, Apple, Adidas, Cappellini, Uniqlo, Adidas, Kiehi’s, Disney, Volkswagen, Nickelodeon, The Standard Hotel, Swatch, and Mercedes Benz, which have all assisted in sharing the Jeremyville message of environmental action, social change, inner growth and positive daily actions with the world.

Jeremyville art.png

Cyril Vouilloz, aka RYLSEE


Apéritif! This is a cliché, but a nice one! Indeed, when I think about France and Opinel, I think about…. Apéritif :)

All the ingredients are combined on the design, following the curves of the legendary knife. This simple and efficient design will speak to the heart (or to the stomach!) of those who enjoy convivial times.”



RYLSEE, is a visual artist originally from Geneva Switzerland and currently living in Berlin where he is a resident artist at Urban Spree, an art & music venue in the heart of the city. His background is in typography, mural painting, and design. He is fanatical about hand-drawn and words form compositions. His art has been exhibited and featured in Brussels, U.S.A, Vancouver, Switzerland, France, Berlin, Santiago, London, Barcelona, Tel-Aviv and São Paulo.

Rylsee art.png


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